The program DRAGOset is used for programming all DRAGO devices and transmitters which are equipped with an interface. This manual describes the basic operations, some individual parameters are depending on the connected device type. For each type of device there are corresponding subpages which accurately describe the device parameters. Look for the device-specific pages in the left menu.

The File menu
The File menu

The File menu contains the usual menu items to load and save files, for printing and documentation, and to exit the program.

New ... In a dialog, you choose what type of device you want to create.
Open ... Open a saved file with device settings.
Save Save the device settings under the known file name. If no file is open, you are prompted to enter a file name.
Save as ... Save the device settings to a new file name.
Export as PDF Creating a PDF document with the current programming. Details here
Print ... Printing the current programming. Details here
Exit Exit program
(below) Quick load of the last saved or opened files.
The Device menu
The Device menu

The contents of the device menu depends on the device type and the possibilities offered by the device or transmitter. Here's an example:

Load from device Reload the current programming from the connected device or transmitter.
Save into Device Saves the setting into the connected device. If the device has DIP switches, all switches must be OFF, so that the settings can be stored.
Diagnostics ... Device diagnostics, display of measured values, messages and additional informations (device-specific).
The Settings menu

Under the menu item "Settings" you will find the program settings, such as the language used, or setting the interface parameters to the device.

To communicate with the device or transmitter via the USB converter a serial connection is required. When connecting the USB converter from the DRAGOset box DZU 1201, Windows creates a COM port on the system. For DRAGOset here is set, which COM port number allocated to the USB converter.

The Help menu
The Help menu

In the Help menu, you will find additional information:

Help topics Online This menu item takes you to the online help documentation.
Go to website This menu item takes you to the homepage of
DRAGO Automation GmbH
Check for updates Checks whether there is a program update for DRAGOset. DRAGOset is constantly evolving to include new features or new devices. With this menu item you can check if a new version is available for download.
About DRAGOset ... About the program DRAGOset
Data record load/save
Data record load/save

Data records can be saved in files and transmitted to the device or transmitter. Likewise, data records can load from the device or file into DRAGOset.

Measuring point number
Measuring point number (Tag)

For a printout or PDF documentation of the device settings, you can assign a measuring point number (Tag) to the device or transmitter. The number can be saved in the device, so the device every time indicates each reading with his Measuring Point Number.

The Measuring Point Number can have up to 16 characters, so the code is according to DIN EN 60617, and EN ISO 10628 (previously DIN 28004) in the device.

Printout from DRAGOset

The print function of DRAGOset created a printout for use as a measuring point documentation of your quality system. All of the settings and the DIP switches, if manually adjusted, are listed in the printout.

If you have stored no Measuring Point Number in the device, you can manually write the number on the printout.

PDF documentation
PDF documentation

Under the menu item "Export as PDF" from the File menu the Measuring Point Documentation is created in a PDF file. As a file, you can take your measuring point documentation directly in your DMS (Document Management System). All of the settings and the DIP switch settings, if manually adjusted, are included in the document.

To view the file, you need Adobe Reader. The program can be downloaded free from the website of the company Adobe.