DRAGOset - Programming and diagnostics program

You do not need to install DRAGOset! You can just run the EXE-file by double-clicking.

The installation program on the CD installs DRAGOset more comfortable on your PC, so you can find the program in the Start menu and start using desktop icon directly and easily. In addition, the installer will install the USB driver.

Current version: 3.8.3

USB Driver

If you put the USB converter from DRAGOset Box DZU 1201 for the first time into your PC, it is possible that Windows asks for a driver. The USB driver is for Windows XP/2003/Vista(32/64)/7(32/64)/8,8.1(32/64).

With Install and on the supplied CD the driver is present, you can download it here as well:

ZIP Utility

Download 7-ZIP

There are several programs to unpack ZIP-Files. Newer Windows versions can also unpack ZIP without any additional software. If you do not have a unpacking program, you can use the free 7-Zip.

Adobe Reader

Download Adobe Reader

To view additional information you will need Adobe Reader. The program can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the company Adobe, if you have not already installed.